Argentina Game Show moves to December: what the eSports and videogames event will be like

The key meeting of gamer and youth culture will return in person on December 10, 11 and 12. What activities will be developed

Argentina Game Show returns in its face-to-face format to Costa Salguero on December 10, 11 and 12, and jointly with Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela, this time in an online edition and with exclusive transmissions of the most important moments of the expo that will be held simultaneously with Argentina.

“We are with a great expectation to show this synergy for the simultaneous transmissions in the different countries and with the focus on that next year – with a much more appropriate normality to which we always live – we can take the event to these countries in person and continue combining efforts, content and why not think about taking it to other countries over the next few years “, explained Walter Costabel CEO of AGS.

In these three countries with which Argentina Game Show made Strategic Alliances, gaming has been going strong and with the Argentine expertise of recognition and appreciation by the entire community, a Latin American expansion is envisioned for the region and a huge power for the gamer world. Argentina opens up to the rest of the region, and in this way we turn our country’s gaming into a highly relevant international experience.

“For us, from Argentina Game Show, It is a satisfaction that our content is so well seen in the rest of the region and that is why we managed to have certain alliances with friendly countries where content will become more important, we will have an international presence in each of the tournaments and in short, this means that much more public throughout Latin America can get to know us and, above all, expand what we do in Argentina to the rest of the continent, “added Costabel.

In reference to expertise, Costabel mentioned the learning obtained in these years and the importance of knowing about other international events.

“The way we managed to have Argentina Game Show was by learning from the events that were beginning to be born in the rest of the world and that were not yet in Argentina, today the reality is that we have done a very good job that is being recognized by the rest of the countries and this expansion that we are achieving was the result of their asking us to bear our mark, to carry our event and, above all, to join what they wanted for their countries. It is a recognition of the work we have been doing for six years in Argentina and that we deserve, not only as a country, but also as a discipline that is gaming that has grown so much in these years in the country, that is the merit that we have achieved by working together “, said the creator from Argentina Game Show.

As always, sports main events will be protagonists, with competitions of cosplay, and all the entertainment tailored to the gamer community of each country, which will have a very promising staging, and focused on making a product prepared for an excellent transmission, for streaming, for TV, and also to have material for very strong social networks, and in the case of Argentina, those who can attend the event will be able to live a VIP experience, in a massive event, with limited capacity, but according to the times we live in for a production of these characteristics.

Taking into account the context of the global pandemic that is being experienced, in AGS all the protocols that govern at that time will be completed, in that sense it is already established that both the event’s security members and the organization’s staff, and specifically hired personnel To this end, they will be in charge of correctly maintaining the distance of the people who attend, in the same way as to ensure compliance with each of the health protocols implemented for the event.

Likewise, to achieve the maximum number of attendees allowed for each day of the event, the AGS organization made the decision not to sell tickets / tickets, and proceed to deliver them. for free, with the condition of downloading an app, registering properly, achieving the complete identification of each person who attends the event, having to unlock 12 mandatory achievements for each entry for each day. In this way, and through the practice of Gamification to gain access, only those who carry out the necessary steps to achieve it will be able to attend the event, demonstrating their fanaticism, and being able to perfectly order the limits established for the organization of the event.

That is to say that this year AGS is a different event: with free tickets, not free, they will have to win the VIP passport and that will only be for those who are prepared, those who want to enjoy a gamer event, and the best of Esports. “For that they will have to show that they want the event and that they are part of it,” they said from the organization.

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