Argentina again exceeded its record of infections with 139,853 cases in one day

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Friday, January 14, that, in the last 24 hours, 96 deaths and 139,853 coronavirus infections were registered, which implies a new record since the pandemic started. The last peak had been registered on Tuesday, January 11, when 134,439 cases were reported.

A) Yes, the total number of infected since the start of the pandemic amounts to 6,932,972 and there are 117,901 victims. From yesterday to today, 200,265 tests were carried out. As a result, the registered positivity rate is 69.83%, almost seven times higher than what the WHO advises.

On the other hand, of the total deaths reported today, 47 are men and 48 women (1 no data). The provinces that reported the most deaths were Buenos Aires with 22, Córdoba with 18 and Jump with 16 deceased, respectively.

Of the 139,853 cases of COVID-19 reported today, 101,208 cases (72.36%) are concentrated in PBA (52,577), CABA (21,361), Córdoba (16,096) and Santa Fe (11,174).

For the rest of the country, the numbers were as follows: Catamarca 938 infections, Chaco 2,618, Chubut 1,513, Corrientes 336, Entre Ríos 2,438, Formosa 1,292, Jujuy 2,986, La Pampa 1,250, La Rioja 353, Mendoza 4,253, Misiones 363, Neuquén 1,473, Rio Negro 957, Skip 3,790, San Juan 2,309, San Luis 2,425, Santa Cruz 1,051, Santiago del Estero 2,273, Tierra del Fuego 576 and Tucumán 5,449.

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