Arévalo refuted Zdero: “With sheets we are reactivating part of the 55 thousand homes that Macri abandoned”

The president of the Provincial Institute of Urban Development and Housing (Ipduv), Diego Arévalo, rejected the “insubstantial chicanes” of the radical deputy, Leandro Zdero, who questioned the alleged political use of social aid and the construction of housing units: “Better that you talk about your time in Anses.”

“One of the first measures of former President Mauricio Macri when he took office, apart from paying the vulture funds, was to paralyze 55 thousand homes under construction throughout the country, many about to be handed over, and Chaco was no exception”observed Arevalo.

He assured that it was a state policy fueled by hatred, because they did not want the previous government to take credit for the inaugurations. “The data does not allow us to lie: between 2012 and 2015, 196,000 credits were granted for the construction of houses and urban developments; between 2016 and 2019, only 11,521 ”, he illustrated.

“Today in the province there are about 2,700 homes under construction, and the properties are being identified to build another 2,700 next year. On the other hand, progress is being made with 1000 homes in La Rubia 2, and with 580 urban lots to build with zero-rate loans. Finally, apart from the Procrear towers in the ex-Pediatric, there are the houses of the Reconstruction program, which precisely consists of rebuilding the rubble of the Macri and Zdero government ”, Indian.

“The deputy questions the scholarships and social programs, but does not say anything about the 10,000 new jobs in construction, verified by the UOCRA. It would be better for him to talk about what he knows, such as his stage as a scholarship student in Anses during the macro period, when the Sustainability Guarantee Fund lost 70% of its value, and 160 thousand disabled people were left without disability pensions “, Rounding.

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