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The production it was in charge of Manuel Pañalosa and the direction is Liliana Bocanegra, Camilo Villamizar and Andrés Felipe López.

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According to the channel, what they are looking for with this new bet is to reveal how the ‘Queen of popular music came out ahead despite the violence and machismo: “This story tells how Arelys understood that the way to overcome pain and raise her cry of protest against a society that seemed entrenched with women, was to sing“, they stand out.

Mariana Gómez, the actress who represents Arelys Henao.


Snail Television

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singer novels

He portrayed the life and musical work of Joe Arroyo.

It was starred by Jair Romero Y Stefanía Borge and featured the participation of talented artists such as Mauro Castillo, Jeymmy Paola Vargas and Kimberly Reyes.

The story, written by Andrés Salgado and Natalia Ospina, received several India Catalina awards in 2012, in the categories of best telenovela; best revelation actor, for the performance of Jair Romero; best direction, for the work of Herney Luna and best soundtrack, which was commissioned by Nicolás Uribe.

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Starring Alejandro Palacio and Taliana Vargas.

The story covered the most important moments in the life of the talented singer, from his youth to his murder on June 11, 1992.

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The novel It was also well received among Colombians, in fact, during its relaunch in 2020, it achieved an average rating of 10.1.

He won several India Catalina and TVyNovelas in 2013. Among the awards stands out for best novel and best direction.

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Majida Issa and Ana María EStupiñán represented La Ronca de Oro.

Majida Issa and Ana María EStupiñán represented the ‘Golden Ronca’.

The production, which was set between the 1950s and 1970s, was the favorite of viewers with an average audience rating of 13.8. As if that were not enough, he won the prize India Catalina and TVyNovelas for best novel, in 2015.

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Diomedes the chief of the board

Orlando Liñán won the India Catalina Award for Best Leading Actor for his performance.

It stood out for being the format with the highest rating on the channel, as it reached an average of 12.9 points, at a time when the channel was going through a losing streak in audiences. In fact, it won a TVyNovelas award for best novel.

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I met him late

The role of Patricia Tehrán was played by Ecuadorian singer and actress María Elisa Camargo.


Snail Television

The production features a performance by Maria Elisa Camargo, Luna Baxter, Roberto Urbina and Javier Jattin, who stole the hearts of viewers with their performances, as they achieved an average of 12.8 rating points.

The story won prize India Catalina for the best public favorite production.

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