Araceli González’s message for her son Toto Kirzner after confessing that he was abused

With enormous courage, and a lot of capacity for reflection, Thomas Kirzner he was encouraged to relate a very painful episode, one of those circumstances that should never happen and that happened in the middle of childhood. The actor confessed that he was the victim of sexual abuse, when he was just passing through his seven years.

As part of his visit to PH, the son of Adrian Suar He exhibited a gigantic process of a very significant event and recounted what he went through as a child: “On two occasions they abused me. I wanted to go to my friend’s house and I was 7 years old. He was with a rake, I was on the side of the street. He started talking to me. I started to move away and when he starts to do that, he notices it… I’m not going to go into details either, because it seems horrible to me and there is no need. Finally, it happened”.

After that episode so heartbreaking and in the courageous unison of Toto, his mother Araceli González took to her social networks to develop an impressive support and he dedicated a long and wonderful text to it. The actress posted a beautiful message on her Instagram.

With a photo of Kirzner as a child, in which Araceli rests her head on her son’s chest, he wrote an impressive reflection. In the beginning, González described how he found out about his son’s traumaO: “I can not sleep. It all came to light a year ago. The confinement caused different states that led us to be more honest, genuine in our actions and feelings. If there is something that I have learned in these years, it is to accompany and build. Nothing like love in the face of different adversities and experiences. We all walk with marks of life”.

Regarding how to accompany a loved one in a problem of this caliber, Araceli expressed: “Being the victim of verbal or physical abuse must be carefully addressed. I repeat for the mental health of every human being. There are many ways to be a victim. It does not matter gender or age. What do we do with this? We judge, we raise our finger, we give our opinion and we forget the painful transit and the path made”.

In continuity, the actress praised Toto’s courage: “The courage to report from what has been worked has an achievement value. Always modify with the truth and denounce from what is built. Here is mother, here is love, here is a nest, here is family, here is life. My brave and sensitive: he spoke. I ask for respect“.

Just as he dedicated himself to requesting that this issue be treated with great respect: “I ask for care in your words as I would ask for any human being who opens up to the truth. The moment he felt himself speak it, it was genuine. His life is built day by day. It is his choice to build it.”.

Finally, González shared: “We must know how to walk with our marks. Nothing is easy, for anyone. But being upright and dignified is a choice. A noble, unique and strong man makes him. Thank you for the messages received. We approach and we nest. Our commitment is with the family and the society that surrounds us Respect Toto’s mother“.

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