Apple: They could develop AirPods that monitor the user’s temperature

The AirPods of the future could become more than just headphones, because Apple is exploring the possibility of including functions focused on user health such as measurement of body temperature, posture monitoring and even the improvement of hearing quality, according to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal citing sources “close to development.”

However, the outlet notes that these features “are not expected next year and may never be implemented for consumers,” as integrating health-tracking features into commercial products is complicated work.

This is mainly due to the difficulty of Meet the high standard of medical regulatory standards.

For example, last June leaks assured that Apple was working on a body temperature measurement sensor for its next Apple Watch model, but this was never included in the Apple Watch 7 launched in September, so many believe that it could have been delayed due to the strict regulations that these types of functions must pass, reports RT.

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Even so, Apple is undoubtedly betting on the development of products increasingly based on its health and ‘fitness’ applications, so the idea of ​​future AirPods with these types of integrated functions does not sound far-fetched.

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