Apple presents the iPhone 13: bet on better cameras, more battery and storage

Apple presented its new phone on Tuesday, the iPhone 13, which has a design similar to last year and introduces improvements to the camera, which is capable of capturing up to 47% more light in low light conditions.

As usual, the new phone from the company with the bitten apple comes in several versions: the standard, 6.1-inch and priced at $ 799; the mini, 5.4 inches for $ 699, and the more complete Pro and Pro Max, 6.1 and 6.7 inches and prices starting at 999 and 1,199 dollars, respectively.

As for the standard model, the camera has a 12 megapixel lens with an aperture of 1.6 and another ultra-wide angle lens also 12 megapixels and with an aperture of 2.4, in addition to a 120-degree field of view and improved motion stabilization technology. .

The famous “notch” – the black space at the top of the screen where the earpiece and the front camera are located – has been significantly reduced (by 20%, according to Apple) and the screen has become brighter with technology. Super Retina XDR.

All the models of the new phone have a self-made A15 Bionic chip and the battery life has been increased, which now has an autonomy of between 1.5 and 2.5 hours more (depending on the version) than in the iPhone 12 .

Another novelty is the cinematic mode for video recording, which allows you to change the focus automatically or manually from a subject in the foreground to another in the background and vice versa, depending on the action, which generates a similar effect. to the movies.

In the specific case of the two high-end versions, the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max, a third lens is added (a telephoto lens) as it already happened in the case of the iPhone 12, and the screen has the ability to reproduce at a frequency 120 Hz.

In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro is the first that can reach a storage capacity of 1 terabyte, something that until now was reserved for iPads.

Apple introduced the iPhone 13 with new cameras, a smart display with better graphics, performance, and longer battery life. (Free Press Photo: Apple)

The new Apple phones will be available from September 24 in black, white, red, blue and pink for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, and black, gold, silver and light blue for the high-end ones.

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