Apple officially launches iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini

After months of speculation, Apple finally revealed to the world the long-awaited iPhone 13 that will arrive in two versions: one normal and one called iPhone 13 mini.

Apple says the iPhone 13 is one of the toughest phones they have ever made. At the rear, the cameras are now positioned diagonally, while similar reengineering work has been carried out with the front cameras.

Inside, several adjustments have also been made and one of the most important is on the battery, which will now be larger.

Both iPhone 13 models come with the A15 Bionic processor and according to Apple, the competition “is still trying to catch up with our processors from two years ago.” The A15 Bionic has six cores, two focused on high performance and four focused on efficiency; All in all, the A15 Bionic is 50 percent more powerful than the previous model.

New in-camera features

The iPhone 13’s cameras are 12 megapixels, and Apple says the sensors now capture 50 percent more light, which will improve images taken in low-light conditions. As for video, the iPhone 13 introduces the so-called Kinematic mode, that will allow the videos to have a feeling as if it were a movie movie.

According to Apple, this mode will be very intuitive for anyone to use, thanks to an automatic focus system that changes the lens depending on what is detected in the scene.

Of course, the two iPhone 13s are compatible with 5G networks and Apple says it will be working with various operators to bring the technology to more than 60 countries by the end of the year.

Best battery

One of the always key points in the iPhone is the battery life. Apple says that the iPhone 13 mini will last an extra 1.5 hours of battery life compared to the iPhone 12 mini, while the regular iPhone 13 will give an extra 2.5 hours compared to its direct predecessor.

These improvements may be enough for those who are already users of the iPhone ecosystem, but the most interesting comparisons in this section will be with the teams of its competition.


The iPhone 13 mini will be priced at $ 699, while the iPhone 13 will be $ 799, in versions that will have 128, 256 or 512 GB of internal storage.

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