Apex Legends version for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S may be about to be revealed

Update on the PSN database points out that the game will occupy 80GB on the PS5 SSD

Respawn Entertainment and EA may be about to reveal the version of Apex Legends for next-gen consoles. Information released by the Playstation Game Size account, which accompanies PSN updates, points to the existence of Apex Legends for PS5 with 80GB size.

It is very likely that, if the information is true, the Xbox Series X|S version is also on the way. Both Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment previously commented that a next-gen version was in the works, without revealing a release date.

Now, with the update in the PSN database it is likely that the game is about to be announced. For Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, the game must have improved graphics and resolution. Furthermore, Steve Ferreira, director of Apex Legends, says that the new game version will have 120fps mode.

Popular Free-to-Play

Apex Legends is a free-to-play FPS game released in 2019. On Sony’s console, the game was among the most downloaded on the PS Store around the world. In the ranking of most downloaded free games on the PS Store, the game achieved the first position in Japan, surpassing even Genshin Impact, was in the tenth position in Brazil and in the fifth position in the United States/Canada.

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Launching new updates and battle passes, as well as new playable Legends, the game manages to stay active in the competitive FPS scene. The latest Apex Legends: Escape update, released in November 2021, brought the new Legend Ash, capable of launching electrical traps that trap enemies. The character’s tactical ability casts a trap that deals damage and connects to the first enemy that approaches it.

Ash’s passive skill shows the location of kill boxes on the map and marks surviving enemies on the map. Lastly, his Dimensional Invasion ability, opens a one-way portal to a selected location. In addition to the new character, the update included the new Storm Zone map.


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Source: Playstation Game Size, Eurogamer

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