Anuel AA remembers Karol G again in the song "Mcgregor"

Although Anuel AA and Karol G ended their courtship at the beginning of this year, the Puerto Rican has his ex very present and has named her again in a song, specifically on the subject “McGregor”, which is still to be released.

This is how it can be heard in the preview that he shared on his Instagram profile where he shows a fragment of the video clip that he will launch this Friday, November 26, the date of the premiere of his album “The Legends Never Die” and the day he turns 29 years old.

“I’m such a son of a *** that I’m no longer with Karol and I’ve never erased my tattoo,” is one of the verses heard in the audiovisual posted by the “China” interpreter. A phrase that did not go unnoticed by his unconditional faithful and highlighted by many of his followers in the same post.

This fragment of the song corresponds to the song “McGregor”, named after the famous Irish mixed martial arts fighter.

To the tattoo to which Anuel AA refers It is the one he has on his back and what was done when he began his love affair with the Colombian reggaeton. An engraving that recently appeared in some Instagram stories in which it was appreciated that he still had the image of both in his body despite having broken.

But this is not the first time in recent weeks that the ragman mentions Karol G in one of his songs. In the song “Dictatorship”, which the ragman presented a few weeks ago as a preview of his album “Legends Never Die”, he also mentions his ex.

“You are not Karol G but you arrived at the Makinon”, sings Anuel AA in the song, also referring to one of the Colombian’s musical successes, “El Makinon”.

“Legends Never Die” will be released this November 26, the date on which Anuel AA will turn 29 years old. An age that he will celebrate with this release that his fans have been waiting for months. What else will the famous ragpick surprise with?

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