ANSES Alimentar Card advances balance in September: who charges it and when it is enabled

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) will grant the Food Card to certain beneficiaries, with amounts advanced for September.

In detail, the government agency led by Fernanda Raverta and the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation led by Juan Zabaleta, will give continuity to the Argentina Plan against Hunger to those who receive subsidies from social programs such as the Universal Child Allowance and the Pregnancy Allowance, among others.

It will provide a balance that will function as a state instrument to access the basic food basket.

At the same time, Anses maintains the application channel enabled to advance with the reincorporation of AUH suspended for not presenting the Book 2017 or previous years, the key document to return with the balance recharge of the Alimentar Card.

Alimentar Card: who owns this benefit
Mothers or fathers with children up to 14 years of age who receive the AUH

Pregnant from 3 months who charge the AUE

People with disabilities who receive the AUH

Mothers with 7 or more children who receive the Non-Contributory Pension

ANSES Alimentar Card: what is the amount
• $ 6,000 for families with a child up to fourteen years of age or disabled

• $ 9,000 in the case of families with two children in the same age group or disabled

• $ 6,000 for those who receive the pregnancy allowance

• $ 12,000 in the case of families with three or more children under 14 years of age

When is the Alimentar Card recharged?
Those who have the physical card, the total monthly amount will be credited next Friday, September 17. Meanwhile, those who charge to the same AUH or AUE account, the amount will be credited according to the payment schedule established by Anses.


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