Announcement of the traffic light coalition: umbrella association of fan aid praises government

Dhe umbrella organization of Fan Aid eV reacted largely positively to the announcements in the coalition agreement of the future federal government on how to deal with football fans. “We very much welcome that the introduction of mandatory labeling for the Federal Police, which we have long called for, is to be implemented. The same applies to the planned appointment of an independent police officer for the federal police at the German Bundestag, “it said in a message.

With the new federal government, the umbrella association hopes that the “promised advances in the area of ​​fan and freedom rights will actually be implemented”. This applies, for example, to the “exclusion of area-wide video surveillance and the use of biometric detection. Likewise for guaranteeing the right to anonymity – both in public spaces and on the Internet. “

However, the umbrella organization replied to the coalition’s announcement that it would reform the controversial file “violent offenders sport”: “We maintain that abolishing this data collection would be the more correct way, because we believe that this file is illegal.” One will also join the new federal government “continue to work for an end to the criminalization of football fans”, so the umbrella organization.

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