Aníbal Fernández’s intimidating message to the creator of Gaturro

The economic measures of the National government before the November 14 electionse are being highly criticized by the opposition and society in general. It is about an increase in allowances, gifts of household appliances, graduate trips, among others. The show business is not immune to this situation and many express themselves through social networks. Such is the case of Cristian The bell, known as Nik, who through Twitter questioned the decisions made by the president Alberto Fernandez.

“Giving away refrigerators, carafes, graduate trips, plans, little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad to never hear the word WORK, EFFORT, FUTURE, FUTURE. The DIGNITY of the people will defeat them again,” he described. the cartoonist on the social network.

The novelty of that Twitter, is that the Minister of National Security, Anibal Fernandez, He took that statement and in a challenging tone, almost as a threat, wrote to Nik: “Many schools and colleges in CABA receive state subsidies and that’s fine. For example, the ORT school / college. Do you know it? Do you know. Or do you want me to draw you a little picture? Excellent school, I guarantee it. I repeat, do you know him? “

Crossover on social media

LOCATION, is the acronym of Revolutionary Organization of Workers, is the name of Jewish educational institutions, of a private nature. It belongs to ORT Argentina, a non-governmental Jewish organization dedicated to education, founded in 1936 and linked to ORT Mundial.

The repercussions for the minister’s sayings Anibal Fernandez, they do not take long to arrive. Ricardo Lopez Murphy, candidate for national deputy, expressed: “The message of the Minister of Security of the Nation is of enormous institutional gravity.”

Twitter with repercussions for the sayings of the Minister of Security.

The national deputy, Adriana caceres, said: “Are you threatening a citizen, Minister @FernandezAnibal? Tightening, anti-Semitism, bravado and public outrage in the face of free expressions. This November 14, we put an end to arrogance and those who want us to be submissive and dependent” .

Deputy Adriana Cáceres

For his part, the legislator, Waldo Wolff, He expressed that he sympathized with the cartoonist for the statements of the Minister of Security and warned that he would surely also be threatened by the official.

Words of the national legislator.

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