Anibal Fernández ‘threatened’ the cartoonist Nik and he will denounce him: "I’m afraid"

The Minister of National Security, Aníbal Fernández, maintained a crossroads on the social network Twitter with the cartoonist Nik, comedian and creator of the comics “Gaturro”, to whom among his messages told him that he knows very well which school his daughters attend, A demonstration that sparked controversy and anger from the illustrator.

According to the newspaper The nation It was a few days ago when Nik (his real name is Cristian Dzwonik) had criticized some of the economic measures that the government of Alberto Fernández took after the electoral defeat. “Give away refrigerators, jugs, graduate trips, plans, little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad never to hear the word work, effort, future, future. The dignity of the people will defeat them again ”, was what Dzwonik wrote on his Twitter account.

In response, the Minister of Security cited the message of the cartoonist and referred to the subsidies that the ORT school receives with a message that most did not understand, but that in light of the facts ended up being disturbing: “Do you know her? Yes, you know her or I will draw you a little picture ”, put Fernandez.

The issue is that the daughters of the creator of Gaturro attend that school, so what the minister wrote was considered by Nik as a “veiled threat”. This is why the cartoonist will go to court, as he anticipated the aforementioned medium.

“The Minister of Security Aníbal Fernández dedicates a persecutory tweet to me with a” veiled “threat, implying that he knows the school where my minor daughters go. The Minister who must give ‘SECURITY’ to all Argentines harasses those who think differently. I’m afraid”, communicated the creator of the character Gaturro.

Regarding the complaint, he anticipated that he will do it this Tuesday. “It is a serious matter, not only for me but for all ordinary citizens. It is not the same to fight against any person than with a Minister of Security ”, said the cartoonist.

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