Aníbal Fernández: "There are drug trafficking activities that metastasized"

When asked about what the work of this contingent of 575 troops would be like, Fernández commented that “the talks with the governor (Omar Perotti) filled me with data. The day after taking office I met with the head of the Gendarmerie and we talked about this issue. . But We decided to go to the facts and get to work. We define 575 troops who come to work, that do not come and go, they come to stay. That is why the creation of mobile detachment 7 to seriously intervene in this problem that generates so many problems for the city. That is the main objective. “

The Minister of Security, when making a diagnosis of the situation generated by drug crime in Santa Fe, explained that “it is not a problem of the province, but of all Argentines. That is why we are working in this way. We know the diagnosis and All the Gendarmerie personnel are working and we use the diagnosis made by the province to put an end to this situation. There are activities linked to drug trafficking that have metastasized into legal and some non-legal activities, but any of them end up being financed in the same way. And we are not willing to allow it. That is why we are at the forefront of this discussion. “

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Aníbal Fernández later valued the fact that in the province “there is a very strong intelligence work and we are going to take advantage of it. It is our responsibility, it is not an issue that only concerns the governor and Mayor Javkin. “

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To act we have to talk about the criminal intelligence work that exists in Santa Fe, which is highly appreciated by the Gendarmerie specialists. They have been working on this issue for several days. The result we seek is to solve a problem. It is not a football game. But we are going to work with everyone, with federal and provincial prosecutors, “he stressed.

Regarding whether the Penitentiary Service will also be involved in this line of work, the head of the Security portfolio recalled that “in the last Gendarmerie intervention there were two raids on two penitentiary units, one in Piñero and the other in Coronda. The work has no geographical limits“.

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The National Gendarmerie troops that will reinforce security in Rosario neighborhoods.

The National Gendarmerie troops that will reinforce security in Rosario neighborhoods.

Silvina Salinas / The Capital

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When asked what message is left to the residents of Rosario in the presence of more federal forces, Fernández said: “Who come to work on specifically judicial issues in their task of police power. Our responsibility is criminal intelligence and that we act accordingly. “

When they reminded him that from 2014 to the present, the Gendarmería had been to Rosario six times and that the results were not as expected, Aníbal Fernández asserted: “The difference is that they come but they don’t go“.

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