Aníbal Fernández and Omar Perotti presented the 575 Gendarmerie troops in Rosario

The Minister of National Security, Aníbal Fernández, together with the Governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, and the National Director of the National Gendarmerie, Commander General Andrés Severino, presented at noon this Thursday the arrival of 575 troops from that force to the province.

The event took place at the Santa Fe Sports Museum of the City of Rosario, on Ayacucho avenue at 4800, and was broadcast by Presidency Parameters and Social Networks.

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The new reorganization scheme of the federal forces also foresees the creation of a new ad hoc National Gendarmerie Mobile Unit in Rosario, dedicated to the fight against drug trafficking and complex crime, which will be made up of 1,000 more gendarmes who will disembark in stages until the March next year.

The new federal landing, announced in a ceremony that was also attended by Mayor Pablo Javkin and Provincial Security Minister Jorge Lagna, takes place amid a resurgence of urban violence linked to drug dealing, one month before the general elections of half length.

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According to Minister Aníbal Fernández, the actions will consist of “police operations with intensive and reinforced control and intervention, for the city of Rosario as the main effort and neighboring towns as a secondary effort.”

“It will be a simultaneous and progressive security device through the combination of fixed controls and mobile patrolling, part of the operation of federal agents to combat drug trafficking in the province of Santa Fe, especially in the city,” detailed Fernández.

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The troops, made up of women and men, are already operational and will begin to work through a diagram previously analyzed by the national and provincial authorities. The priority will be to work in the most conflictive neighborhoods of Rosario without neglecting the rest of the city.

After the brief ceremony, Fernández, together with Governor Perotti, spoke with the press and, in one of his first statements, thanked the Gendarmerie troops, “who are ready to work and will have a difficult task from now on.”

On the other hand, the head of the National Security portfolio reaffirmed what was said this Wednesday by his Santa Fe peer Lagna: “These forces came to stay.”

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“With our police institution we cannot face the magnitude of the development of these criminal organizations. The Santa Fe Police entered a stage of profound changes that has no turning back, ”said Perotti, referring to the reform projects that are in the Legislature. “There is no going back, there is a necessary transition of training, equipment, training and the incorporation of new agents,” he added.

“So far, bosses who seemed decorated have gone, while the institution was increasingly degraded and people with greater distrust. Many of them are condemned and imprisoned in a clear sign that a clear dividing line has been marked and they have our full support in their full vocation and commitment to the law, ”the provincial president evaluated.

“We need more people in prevention, taking care of our neighbors and we are going to do this transition stage in the longest possible time, with the highest level of training. When we entered, a thousand agents withdrew and 400 entered, this year 1,600 will be added and next year another 2,500 ”, evaluated Perotti, who highlighted that President Alberto Fernández fulfilled his promise to send more troops. “It was very clear, the Nation could not allow this to happen in its territory. It is essential that they are helping us in the exercise of police power ”, he closed.

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