Angela Aguilar’s risky look at the 2021 Latin GRAMMYs

Last week, a new edition of the Latin Grammy in Las Vegas, Nevada. All the artists attended with their best clothes, but the one that managed to stand out and steal everyone’s attention was Angela Aguilar.

In the Red carpet She dazzled everyone with a red mermaid dress that marked her figure and exposed her shoulders and upper body. Beyond that it was a simple design, it was a wise choice because it exposed the slim figure of the singer without showing too much.

The details were essential to make this look will stand out. The ribbon on the back that adjusted the corset gave a feminine touch to the design, while the choker and earrings perfectly complemented the whole choice.

Angela Aguilar’s blue dress

In the Latin Grammy of this year, Rubén Blades was honored as “Person of the Year” reason why many moments of the ceremony were thought around him and his music.

The daughter of Pepe Aguilar was chosen to take the stage and sing a song by the iconic singer-songwriter. It was for that presentation, that he chose a amazing blue dress that stole everyone’s glances.

“Ligia Elena… a true honor to sing such an iconic song by maestro Rubén Blades on her special day. Thanks to the Latin Grammy for another opportunity full of love ”, wrote.

The beautiful dress that revealed the tiny waist of the 18-year-old singer, is a creation of Diego Medel, a Mexican designer who knew how to highlight Angela’s beauty.

The dress was mermaid cut, tight to the body up to the knees; from there down she had a flared skirt to the floor. At the top, the choice was a ‘sweetheart’ neckline, which naturally follows the shape of the bust, and two thick straps that supported the garment.

On the right shoulder and up to the navel, it had an embroidery with feathers in orange, which contrasted with the color of the dress.

Likewise, all the physical beauty of the artist was totally overshadowed by her talent. With his voice he managed to take to another level ‘Liga Elena’, the iconic song of Rubén Blades.

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