Anette Michel and the elegant leather suit that made her look like a modern queen

Anette Michel and the elegant leather suit that made her look like a modern queen. | Instagram special

Anette Michel and the elegant leather suit that made her look like a modern queen are causing a stir in networks, as the actress celebrates her return to telenovelas with the beginning of “Yes with you”.

Although Anette Michel is known for her role as an actress and television presenter, because until recently we saw her as the host of Master Chef, is also a recognized model who has fallen in love on various magazine covers.

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At 50, Anette Michel remains one of the most admired celebrities and her style, inspires mature women who seek to look elegant without showing too much, without hiding their maturity and empowering others.

Now, while debuting in Televisa with the soap opera “Yes with youAs one of the villains in history, she reappears in the spotlight and falls in love in a leather suit where she looked most beautiful.

Anette She wore her hair tied back and a chunky metal necklace to match the leather suit that highlighted her charms without overshadowing her natural beauty, a safe bet for this fall, ideal for going to the office, a cocktail party and other events. Despite the leather, actress He looked very comfortable and evoked the most important figures of modern royalty.

Anette Michel returns to soap operas through the front door

It was in 2018 when Anette Michel acted for the last time. Apparently although she insisted on returning to acting, in TV Azteca There was not the right material for her and for several seasons she served as one of the most beloved presenters, but she did not settle and looked for other opportunities.

His new home, Televisa, has opted for Anette Michel in a role that promises a lot, because although we will see her as beautiful and sophisticated as ever, she will also be one of the great villains of “Yes with you”, A telenovela that started broadcasting this week and is getting very good comments.

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Next to Danilo Carrera, Alejandra Robles Gil, Brandon Peniche, Manuel Landeta and Lisardo, Anette Michel It promises great emotions and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity and for the good reception that the project has had among its followers.

Although, we still do not see much of her character, judging by the advances she will be a woman of nuances in the story who, in addition to involving us in melodrama, will inspire us with her outfits, simple, elegant and practical, ideal for mature modern woman that seeks to stand out.

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