Anelhí Arias: Dayron Martin confirms break with the mother of her children, who was seen kissing her ex-partner Alejandro García | Shows

Dayron martin He broke his silence and spoke about the images of Anelhí Arias in loving situations with her ex-partner Alejandro García. The Cuban was surprised by the scene and regretted that she has met with whom she once denounced for physical violence.

“We decided to take time for certain things that happened, but it surprises me, because I didn’t think that I was going to return with the boy,” said the singer in a statement to a local media.

In the same way, he explained why he separated again with the ex-dancer after only months of having reconciled for the sake of his children.


“Last Friday we had a little discussion and a separation dialogue. It was for personal issues, it has nothing to do with that ‘scourge’ (Alejandro) or any infidelity of mine, “he clarified to Trome.

Anelhí Arias had given herself an opportunity with the father of her daughters. Photo: GLR archive

Dayron Martin leaves a message for Anelhí Arias

Seeing the photos of the young woman with the stranger, Martin He expressed his rejection and left his opinion. “I have been surprised. Anelhí is a fan of Cubans, but in Miami there are millions to return with the same. I just feel complete disappointment, I don’t know where Anelhí’s head is to return to the same person who discredited her and publicly shattered her, “he said.

“I am quite disappointed that I gave him an opportunity to vindicate himself, but with all this … forget it. There is no going back, there is no possibility of going back, “added Dayron.


Images of Anelhí Arias with ex-partner

Instarándula spread images of Anelhi Arias showing affection with her ex-partner Alejandro García in a nightclub. The exorista surprised users by showing herself to the foreigner after, months ago, confirming her reconciliation with the father of her little girls.

So far, she has not given her version of events. Also, it does not specify the exact date of the snapshots.

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