Andrew Garfield was rejected for this movie because he wasn’t good-looking enough


Golden Globe winner for Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! He recognized which was the famous tape he dreamed of being a part of. He knows everything about the saga which excluded him because of his physique.

Andrew Garfield was turned down for this film

Andrew Garfield was turned down for this filmCamila lopez

Since Andrew Garfield appears in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, moviegoers have returned to focus on the actor. This is how he showed that he could play characters for films of all kinds and win the most prestigious statuettes. However, it wasn’t all good news in the performer’s career, since was rejected to play a role he really wanted. Can you imagine what that could be?

In November 2021, he said he was an all-terrain artist: he did it with Tic, Tic… Boom! for Netflix. Under the direction of Lin-Manuel Miranda, he showed that he knew how to play, sing and dance with enormous talent. In this way the Golden Globe he was rewarded for his work as best comedian or musical actor in the special edition which took place last Sunday. Everything would indicate that he could be an excellent candidate for the oscar 2022.

Superheroes, musicals, dramas. Andrew Garfield knows how to do it all according to viewers who applaud his projects year after year. But for the producers of a very famous film, it was not him. Recently, a viral video on TikTok recalled an interview in which he revealed the role he enthusiastically applied for and was turned down after an audition.

In dialogue with Entertainment Tonight he assured: “There was a movie Narnia, the film of prince caspien. I really wanted to play it, it was so stupid”. He added with a laugh, “I think Ben Barnes finally got it. Ben Barnes, I’ll get you”. It seems that the Peter Parker actor could have been perfect to develop this role of the adaptation of the literary saga written by CS Lewis for 1950.

However, they explained to him the reasons why he was not selected to be part of the cast. ” I think the answer was: “You are not handsome enough to be Prince Caspian”Andrew said with his signature humor. Was that his answer or is it just an anecdote? We do not know it! But what we have very clear is that he’s the best actor when it comes to lying in interviews.

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