Andrés Meinero made the great leap and will play the National League A for Unión de Santa Fe

Meinero takes the big step to League A. Photo: Juanjo Cavalcante.

Andrés Meinero will play the National League A with Unión de Santa Fe. The news was surprising. Not because the intern does not have the ability to play in the category, but because of the leap that he will make from the Federal to the elite and, above all, because for some time he had prioritized staying in Rosario dedicated to his studies and letting some opportunities pass on a higher level.

But his talent, athletic ability and surprising numbers ended up deciding Unión de Santa Fe, which in his return to League A noticed an intern with the variations and characteristics of the game that coach Juan Francisco Ponce usually likes.

And on a busy day, on a trip to Rosario and back to “her” Carlos Pellegrini, Meinero took a moment to tell his feelings.

“It was a crazy day, because he went to Rosario to look for some things and now to Carlos Pellegrini to finish preparing everything and travel to Santa Fe,” warns the former Sportsmen and Sportivo América.

“Playing in the League is a dream that I had since I left San Martín and I had set that goal. At this moment perhaps I was not expecting it, but it makes me very happy and at the same time very anxious ”, the power forward is sincere, also a key piece of the selected ones from Oeste Santafesino.

Meinero handled several offers as in each season start. But this time, instead of choosing not to go up in the division to stay in Rosario, he decided to take the leap: “When a club of the magnitude of Union calls you and to play League A there is not much to think about, so they I said yes, I wanted ”.

“It is true that I had several proposals, but something like that, from the League, surpasses any other possibility and I honestly did not doubt it,” he completed.

The Union style requires a great sacrifice and deployment, but it can also be good for Meinero. “It is a dynamic game with a lot of young people and that is beneficial for me. I think I can adapt quickly to his idea ”, closed the former Timbúes, who will leave the local competition in which it will surely be a low key for Gustavo Roig’s men and for all basketball in the city.

Meinero made the big leap and is behind his dream.

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