Andrea Meza, Miss Universe, shows how a black minidress should be worn this season

Andrea Meza continues to fulfill the duties of his short but intense reign as Miss Universe. On the other hand, the 27-year-old Mexican beauty revealed a few weeks ago in an interview a hard moment that she lived because of a stalker.

“There was a guy who signed up to the gym that I went to just to watch myself, recording from afar. I didn’t realize the situation until two weeks later ”and“ It was already nine at night, the gym was closing, I was walking home, which was very close to the gym, and he followed me. I felt that someone was coming after me, calling me by my name; I turned around and did not identify the person “he confessed Andrea to the program “Drop the soup.”

In the last hours, Andrea Meza He published two photographs on his official Instagram account that conquered a large part of his millions of followers from around the world. In it you can see the brunette showing off her beauty posing from the streets of New York City. There, the Mexican wore an elegant black minidress, buttoned in the front. This Aztec look was complemented by her long flowing hair, dark sunglasses, a moss green mini wallet and a delicate make up.

Source: Instagram Andrea Meza

“This is how I read them” was the simple and fresh text he chose Meza epigraph to accompany his recent and elegant snapshots in the popular network of the camera.

Source: Instagram Andrea Meza

As expected, this publication whose only protagonist is the current one Miss Universe It was quickly filled with likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 44 thousand hearts. In addition, the girlfriend of the tiktoker Ryan Antonio received hundreds of messages of affection and praise, from his most loyal followers, towards his magnificent figure and his chosen look.


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