Andrea Meza and a harsh revelation about what he suffered in Mexico

Sadly, all over the world, women are victims of harassment. Something to Andrea Meza He had to live in his own flesh and so he decided to take action on the matter to achieve a fundamental change.

“There was a guy who signed up for the gym that I went to just to watch myself, recording from afar. I didn’t realize the situation until two weeks later.”, said Andrea Maza in the program ‘Drop the soup’.

Until then everything was normal, until two weeks later, around nine at night, when the gym was closing, the individual rebuked her.

“It was already nine o’clock at night, the gym was closing, I was walking to my house that was very close to the gym and he followed me. I felt that someone was coming after me, he called me by my name; I turned around and did not identify person”, he counted.

Andrea Meza related how at that moment she felt that her privacy and personal space was being violated. Something that you assured does not want anyone to experience.

That was one of the situations in which the young woman from Chihuahua decided it was time to do something. So he joined the campaign “Rejecting street harassment is also a healthy distance”, which seeks to publicize the situations that women go through on a daily basis.

“It is very sad to know that when you raise your voice they do not want to listen to you, but that should not limit us. Here the important thing is that we keep talking and that the voices get louder and that more voices join because that is what makes the glances turn to situations “, said the model contrite.

And he ended by saying: “These movements are the ones that have helped to make changes. How sad that we have to turn to a crowd to defend a cause. Justice should be there immediately. But the important thing here is not to remain silent.”

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