Andrea Legarreta clarifies the situation of Galilea Montijo after his absence in Hoy

Mexico City.- Galilea Montijo is in the middle of controversy due to its absence in the program ‘Today‘, since many assure that with the arrival of Tania Rincon to the project, the days of the host are counted in the morning of Televisa.

Montijo he has collaborated 14 years on ‘Today‘, but the doubts about her permanence increased because the presenter is also away from social networks, so Andrea Legarreta He decided to clarify the situation of his partner during the beginning of the program.

They ask me a lot about Gali, Gali still had a few days left from her vacation and she took those days, because they are like, where is Gali from? … and well, it’s a few days “

Explained the wife of Erik Rubín.

Is Tanía Rincón the replacement for Galilea?

Subsequently, Tania Rincon wanted to make it clear that his arrival on television was not to replace Montijo. “Clarify why they say it ‘you are taking away its place’”.

Nevertheless, Andrea and Arath de la Torre They joked to their partner saying that for now she was sitting in the place of Galilee, what Corner He replied: “But I’m warming it up, so that when you put your little butts you feel warm.”

Since last October 7 Galilea Montijo He was absent from the small screen and social networks, which is why his followers were concerned about his whereabouts.

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