Andrea Legarreta and Mia Rubín of the best dressed in Los Metro

The television host Andrea Legarreta He has always shown great pride in the activities that his daughters carry out and more now than the eldest, Mine rubin She has dabbled in show business, which is why the 50-year-old actress supports her daughter at every step she is taking in her career.

For this reason, like every mother hen, Andrea Legarreta did not hesitate to accompany Mía Rubín to the Los Metro gala, so mother and daughter paraded together on the red carpet and undoubtedly captured the eyes of the people present because they both wore charming women in dresses perfect for the occasion.

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On the one hand the Today’s driver decided to wear a tight dress made with silver glitters that undoubtedly highlighted her silhouette while combined with a hairstyle collected in a half ponytail with volume that undoubtedly highlighted the features and makeup, as well as accessories.

While Mía Rubín wore a beautiful pink flared dress, worthy of a princess, which emulates a beautiful bow around the arms, while her hair was worn with waves and arranged all on the side to give it a youthful but formal enough touch. for the occasion.

And it was not for less because Andrea Legarreta herself shared that her eldest daughter was invited to lead a segment of The Metro and presented the trophy to the winners of the award to the Mexican Theater in the face of contingency, where it was awarded to those who adapted to the social reality that we have had to live in recent years.

That is why the actress of “Hurrah for the children” He said that it was an honor to have been invited to the event and to be part of the magic that is created in the theater, for which he also shared some of the musicals that have been staged this year, such as “Chicago” where it appears Maria Leon and Biby Gaytan.

Andrea Legarreta and the Golden Scorpion

Within the Hoy program, Andrea Legarreta met with the Golden Scorpion and they emulated making a section of the influencer’s YouTube program, we talked about the program “The Golden Scorpion at the wheel” where all issues are addressed in order to get gossip.

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Hence, the Golden Scorpion asked Andrea Legarreta when he was going to release his new single with the group “Strawberries and cream“Of which he was a part in the eighties, where they were also Toño Mauri; Mariana Levy And several more.

In addition, El Escorpión Dorado invited the Mexican actress to sing a fragment of the song “Always, forever”Which was one of the successes of the youth group to which she belonged, hence the youtuber joked that we would soon see her touring and duet with whoever she is in order to stay current.

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