‘And what do you want your snow from?’; López Obrador responds to the mayor of Hermosillo who asked for 6 mmdp

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he has already helped Hermosillo with the problem of potholes, but now, the current mayor is asking him for 6 billion pesos, so he told him to say: “And what do you want your snow from? “. In the morning conference this Wednesday, October 13, the President spoke of the critical situation that exists in the states and municipalities of the country, and gave an example to the federal government that, he says, has achieved substantial savings with austerity and combat to corruption.

There are state governments that allocated up to 500 million pesos to advertising and pension payments of up to 150 thousand pesos a month, before this, they recommended austerity. “Now the president of Hermosillo who is entering says: I need 6 billion for the patching … almost, it is almost like for me to send him to say and what do you want your snow from? That is a matter of the municipal government,” said the President. He recalled that he already supported the capital of Sonora in this area, but it was because the demand was high.

“It is an obligation of the state and the municipal government, but also 6 billion, because only that it has thought of putting concrete to all the streets,” he lashed out. “Handling the money honestly, it could reach him, that is a matter that has to do with local governments.”

Later, López Obrador announced that over the weekend he will sign an agreement for the regularization of “chocolate” cars, and the resources that are collected will be destined to the states and municipalities for patching programs. All snow will be welcome: mayor After the President’s expression towards the PAN mayor of Hermosillo, Antonio Astiazarán Gutiérrez, a number of “memes” appeared on social networks that the municipality took on the friendly side.

“When it comes to having better streets in our city, snow is more than welcome, as well as the program that the President announced, a tripartite program to be able to make the investment we need in the streets of our city.” Any snow that comes. In addition, with an additional resource it will be more than welcome, as municipal president I am not going to tire of knocking on all the doors that exist and have, but above all, make the own effort that we have to do as a municipal government to have better infrastructure in Hermosillo “, said.

He explained that the figure of 6 billion pesos that would be required for this concept is not a personal occurrence, but the product of a technical diagnosis made 3 years ago by the Municipal Planning Institute (Implan). This study included the calculation of the existing infrastructure, which totals more than two thousand kilometers, what is needed to rehabilitate it and what is necessary to build new roads, he added.

Regarding the request made to the federal government, he clarified: “My approach goes in the sense that we in the municipal government do not like to receive things as gifts, we are already working, and very soon we will make it known, in an own infrastructure program to improve the streets in Hermosillo “. He considered that the responsibility of the City Council entails the commitment to go out to seek additional resources, before the state and federal government, and he expressed his willingness to continue doing so.

“I’m not going to get tired of knocking on doors, to whoever, whenever and whatever, so that the city does better.” “Hermosillo cannot wait, it needs quick solutions and we as the municipal government will be up to what the city demands,” he stated.

He revealed that the municipal government plans to invest at least 300 million pesos next year in new roads and it would be a great achievement if the state and federal contribution will triple that amount.

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