Anamely Ramos after refusal to the march of 15N: The response of the State does not surprise or discourage me

The Cuban activist Anamely Ramos He reflected on the importance of the 15N march, ratified his support for the organizers of the demonstration and pointed out that the negative response of the State should not discourage participation.

“The march I fully support it, as I support any initiative that comes out of Cuban civil society, especially if it advocates for the release of political prisoners and puts at the center the question of the rights and participation of Cubans in the course of the Regarding the State’s response: I am neither surprised nor discouraged. Long ago I stopped worrying about what they do, increasingly guided by fear and despair, “said the university professor on her Facebook profile.

Ramos reflected on the importance of organizing, from Cuban civil society, a march like the one planned for November 15 that puts the Cuban State in check and calls on citizens to fight for their rights in an active way.

“I think the best thing that has happened is that we have achieved, among all of us, that they (the rulers) are more afraid than we are. Every little bit of fear that we have managed to get out of ourselves has been transferred to power,” said Ramos.

The activist warned that the government can do whatever it wants because “that is what totalitarian power is all about,” but reminded her readers that there is also great power in the people.

“The consequences of going against the grain of power are always terrible, but it is the only way to end oppression, survival and hopelessness once and for all. Much has happened in a year. And more will happen,” the activist predicted.

Ramos has pointed out on several occasions that Cubans who are currently fighting for political change on the island have a duty to make visible the situation that political prisoners are going through, whose number increased alarmingly after the 11J protests.

“Those who are now in danger should be the center of attention today, but also tomorrow. They are victims but at the same time they are social agents of change. Let us not forget that. To advocate for their freedom is to advocate for the freedom of all”, he recalled in his message.

For Ramos, the situation in Cuba changed radically after the massive anti-government protests on July 11. In his opinion, the current context “impels unity, but preserving and diversifying alliances” because he considers that “you have to know how to feel and interpret the homeland as many beats.”

The Cuban State for its part has said that “legitimacy is not recognized in the reasons that are wielded for the march. “They indicated in the report of refusal to the march that it is a” provocation “and would be part of a” strategy “to unleash a political change in Cuba.

The Archipelago citizen platform said in its social networks that despite the refusal of the State to carry out the march, the call for the peaceful demonstration remains.

“On November 15, our personal decision will be to march civically and peacefully for our rights. In the face of authoritarianism we will respond with civility and more civility ”, they indicated.

The organizers believe that the regime’s response “shows once again that the rule of law does not exist in Cuba, that they are not willing to respect even their own constitution and that they violate the Human Rights of Cubans.”

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