Ana Martín explains why she never had children

In recent times the famous actress Ana Martin It has not stopped monopolizing the attention of the show’s media. Everything is due to the constant activity that he has been carrying on social networks where he has been talking about practically everything.

In fact, it was already nicknamed as the Reina de Twitter before his thousands of followers. The star of successful soap operas such as “Rubí”, “Amor Real” and “Duelo de Pasiones” has shared from photographs of when she was young and became “Miss Mexico”, to telling anecdotes in which she talks about sexual freedom and feminism.

All her themes have made her a trend in social networks and not surprisingly thanks to the new generations. However, it is natural that all that glitters is not gold and so, as many adore it, there are also those who criticize it.

A few moments ago, in front of her more than 624 thousand followers, the actress once again stole the spotlight starring in a dynamic in which she dedicated herself to answering several of the questions posed by Internet users.

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Ana Martín had no children: The real reason

While the actress boasted of her figure when she was young – sharing it in her stories – questions did not stop raining down. The one that attracted the most attention was the one made by one of his followers when he asked him how he did to have that figure. Ana replied that it was always completely natural like most women at that time.

However, not everything was there. The actress finally broke with the great enigma of why never had children and made known the real reason, something that is worth highlighting, It generated a new debate on social networks, since many believed that the actress did have heirs to her talent.

True to his style, in response to the question, Ana Martín declared that his priority “always” was his artistic career and he chose to be free. To that, he added surprisingly, that When I thought about the idea of ​​having a child, it would only be with a friend and not with one of her lovers, since she was convinced that later the children “walk like a soccer ball” from here to there.

It should also be remembered that the actress never had a problem in telling and confirming all the rumors of her full love life, in fact she claimed to have “good taste” although she was never related to any particular heartthrob, at least in the long run.

Did you imagine the reason why Ana Martin never had sons? He chose to be free and here he tells it.

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