Ana Bárbara captivates with puffed sleeves, buccaneers and fishnet stockings

Ana Barbara She wowed her millions of social media fans dressed in a provocative monochrome outfit that accentuated her statuesque figure. The famous Mexican singer exuded her incomparable beauty and exquisite style during her presentation at the Ravinia music festival that takes place every summer in the city of Chicago, in Illinois, United States.

The acclaimed artist originally from Río Verde, San Luis Potosí, graced with her presence one of the best outdoor music festivals dressed in a black bodysuit with fringes and puffed sleeves that she combined with fishnet stockings and spectacular diamond-studded stiletto buccaneers.

The renowned potosine interpreter of 50 years old She conquered the stage wearing a daring outfit by designer Antonio Estrada that she complemented with her long brown hair in soft waves and a fantastic makeup in earth tones that highlighted her tanned cheeks and her delicate nude lips.

“The Queen Grupera” She is one of the favorite Latin artists in the music industry and has recently gained great popularity on social media. But in addition, he has stood out for his exquisite taste in clothing and has become an inspiration for his millions of followers who flatter his style, his bearing and his elegance.

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Ana Bárbara is one of the most important female exponents of the Mexican regional genre and is considered one of the most influential Latin artists in the music industry. Throughout his extensive artistic career, he has managed to consolidate his career and stay in the heart of the public with his exalted talent and personality.

The famous Mexican artist was crowned Miss San Luis Potosí and represented her home state in the Miss Mexico beauty pageant in 1989. Four years later, she was chosen as the “El Rostro de El Heraldo de México” and also won first place. in the contest “The ambassador of the ranchera song”.

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It was after the release of his debut album titled “Ana Barbara” When he conquered the national audience, his singles “Nada” and “Sacúdeme” were a success on radio stations, so much so that they allowed him to conquer large stages by opening concerts by renowned groups such as Bronco, Los Tigres del Norte and Marco Antonio Solis.

During her extensive and successful artistic career, Ana Bárbara has ventured into genres such as cumbia, ballad, ranchero, pop, norteño, texano, reggaeton and banda. He has received innumerable recognitions and has placed more than 40 musical themes of his authorship on the popularity lists of Billboard magazine in the United States.

On August 13, Ana Bárbara premiered her ranchera song called “Love and Poison” and starred in the video clip of the new musical theme of his authorship dressed in elegant and sophisticated outfits by renowned Mexican fashion designers.

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