An Initial Education Teacher, with the best average

A Teacher of Initial Education was the best average of the 366th Collation of Degrees of the National University of the South, which took place this afternoon in the auditorium of Avenida Alem 1253.

Nazarena Rocío Cejas was the most outstanding student, obtaining 9.61 average points throughout her academic performance at the House of Higher Studies.

The delivery of diplomas to the new professionals was carried out with the limitations imposed by the protocols of care in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, it was carried out in three shifts with reduced numbers of graduates, graduates and companions.

Graduates belong to the Departments of Health Sciences, Education Sciences, Physics, Engineering, Humanities, Chemistry, Administration Sciences, Law, Economics, Mathematics, Agronomy, Biology, Biochemistry and Pharmacy, Computer Science and Engineering , Geology, Geography and Tourism and Chemical Engineering. The respective speeches were delivered by authorities of Humanities, Economics and Geology.

In the case of the students, graduates of Chemistry, Law and Geography and Tourism spoke words.

The complete list of graduates is as follows:

Doctor in Physics: Federico Nahuel Escudero. Doctor of Philosophy: Florencia Garrido Larreguy. Doctor of Letters: Antonela Georgina Dambrosio. Doctor in Chemistry: Santiago Armando Stabile. Master in Collective Health: Andrea Betina Lattanzi. Initial Education Teacher: Nazarena Rocío Cejas.

Primary Education Teacher: Daiana Vanessa Osses. Nurse: Andrea Mabel Aranda and Carla Gabriela Montenegro. Nursing graduate: Paola Andrea Flecha, Ximena Rhode Ibarra and María Lorena Martínez.

Graduate in Physics: Juan Cruz Fernández Márquez and Juan Ignacio Specht. Professor of History: Isabella Capuselli and Gabriela Rosana Pacheco Burgos. Professor of Letters: Lena Díaz Pérez. Civil Engineer: Martín Aguinaga Martínez, Mercedes Cohen and Eber Alejo González.

Industrial Engineer: Nadia Clemente, Matías Ghisoli, Juan Agustin Kissner, Magalí Martínez Vogt and Carlos Adrián Sala. Mechanical Engineer: Julián Luis Culleton and Juan Mateo Pilia. Degree in Chemistry: Bruno Javier Botelli.

University Chemical Technician: Florencia Lucía Fleitas, Marcela Alejandra Ortiz and Elías Leonel Vargas. Master in Financial Business Administration: Matías Miguel Lenzi. Specialist in Family, Childhood and Adolescence Law: Fernanda Fiore and Juliana Garay. Specialist in Economics and Management of Health Services: Miguel Ángel Bonomi.

Public Accountant: Lucila Alzogaray, Josefina Hughes, Juan Andrés Larralde Cueto, Ana Belén Monje Pinilla, Juan Ignacio Nebbietti Concas, Agustina Magalí Pérez, Dana Perriere, Luciano Ponce, Jerónimo Sali and Clara Vidal Bertacco. Bachelor of Administration: Jimena Natalí Barca, Esteban Fernández Rodríguez, Manuela Pilar Goitia Pacheco, Gastón Iváan Haag Gómez and Jesús Marcelo Liernur. Lawyer: Facundo Arza, Joaquín Emmanuel Bares Meier, Facundo Emiliano Bayer, María Clara Cafasso, Lucía Sol Haag Alegre, Carla Maugeri, Luisina María Menconi, Mercedes Opel and Lucía Rodríguez Ponte.

Graduate in Mathematics: Martina Vergara. Doctor in Agronomy: Selva Yanet Cuppari. Doctor in Biology: Camila Fabiani, Pablo Andrés Iglesias González, Emiliano Nicolás Jesser, Mara Anahí Maldonado and Ornella Turani.

Doctor in Computer Science: Francisco Ezequiel Páez and Matías Nicolás Selzer. Doctor in Chemical Engineering: Mariana Fortunatti Montoya. Master in Agricultural Sciences: Fernando Porta Siota. Agricultural Engineer: Alejandro Daniel Entelman, José Manuel Nabaes and Luciana Umbriago.

Biochemist: Mercedes Camila Cora, Celina Abril Espin di Febo. Yessica Daiana Reyes Olivera and Sabrina Natalí Sequeira. Pharmacist: Juan Pablo Munafo. Degree in Biological Sciences: Carolina Beatriz Guerra. Computer Engineer: Salvador Catalfamo and Christian Meneses.

Degree in Tourism: Melisa Fermani, Sebastian Orellano and Juliana Toti. University Technician in the Environment: Melania Julieta Díaz and Agostina Garcia Kundt. Chemical Engineer: Lucía Aguilar, Daiana Gisele Mauritsh, Juan Cruz Miguel and Marina Sol Rodríguez.

University Technician in Agrifood Entrepreneurship: Flavia Delia Pons. University Technician in Industrial Operations: Franco Montes de Oca.

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