an icy trailer for the Netflix adventure film

Lost in the arctic, Netflix’s frosty survival, revealed itself in a frosty trailer.

Between the 214 million hours of viewings for the film Unforgivable, Success from Don’t Look Up by Adam McKay and of course the impressive success of Red Notice and its more than 364 million hours of viewing: we can say that the end of the year 2021 was rather successful at Netflix.

And while the year 2022 promises to be rich in exciting releases, an intriguing Icelandic film will appear in early March, Lost in the arctic. Directed by Peter Flinth, the feature film will retrace the Danish expedition led by Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen which aimed to find lost notes in northeast Greenland, texts which could prove that the territory does not belong to the United States.

This seductive assumption has also been illustrated by Netflix through the publication of a first trailer :

We therefore discover in these first images the actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – also co-writer of the film – in the role of Mikkelsen, accompanied by the novice Iver Iversen, played by Joe Cole – who we saw recently in the brilliant Gareth Evans series, Gangs of London. The first recruits the second, the only volunteer to accompany him on his expedition, which will turn out to be more intense, arduous and painful than expected.

As the main actor said – which we have already seen in Gods of Egypt d’Alex Proyas, Domino by Brian de Palma and especially the series Game of Thrones – with our colleagues fromAllocine, the creators of the film wanted “shoot in real settings”. And this desire to be anchored straight away in a natural setting is felt in front of these magnificent shots of Icelandic or Greenlandic landscapes, photographed with talent by Torben Forsberg – cinematographer of the anecdotal 7. Miracle in Ward.

A guy in the snow named Mikkelsen? An air of deja vu …

Aside from its aesthetic elegance, the film trailer poses the challenges of what this expedition represents, thematically but also emotionally with what promises to be a real survival that does not seem to give a gift to its spectators. The characters will therefore be confronted with the elements until they lose their minds, the trailer hinting at the leaden bumps of the protagonists.

Note that the film was directed by Peter Flinth, a filmmaker known for having produced, among other things, the most expensive production of Swedish cinema in the 2000s with the diptych Arn, in 2007 and 2008. In addition, the screenplay was written by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau himself with, at his side, a certain Joe Derrick, whose first experience as a screenwriter will be.

Lost in the arctic therefore has something to intrigue and excite, like a neat production. To find out what the film will be worth, you will need wait for the film to be released on March 2 on Netflix.

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