An explosion is registered in the Popocatepetl volcano; Warning traffic light is Yellow Phase 2

MEXICO CITY.-One explosion at the Popocatepetl volcano It was registered on the night of this Tuesday, September 14, reported the National Coordination of Civil Protection.

The authorities stressed that it was at 11:50 p.m. when the explosion was detected that generated a column of steam, gases and low ash content with 1,500 meters high, which are dispersed in a northwesterly direction.

Also, until 12:09 on Wednesday, September 15, the volcanic warning traffic light You are on Yellow Hazard Sign Phase 2.

They urge the population to remain vigilant in the event of any anomaly

This means an increase in activity that brings a plume of water vapor, slight ash fall in nearby areas and falling incandescent fragments.

For this reason, the National Civil Protection System urges the population that could be affected to remain vigilant and prepare for a possible evacuation.

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