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With an imposing blue and gold display by the hundreds of Boca Juniors fans who have been walking through its streets since Wednesday to pay tribute to their eternal idol, in the midst of heavy rains, the city of Naples recalled this Thursday to Diego Armando Maradona one year after his death.

It was a ceremony that, in short, lasted almost 24 continuous hours, in which emotion and songs of homage reigned, with high points such as the inauguration of a statue in front of the stadium in which the “10” won everything and that from this year bears his name.

“Olé olé olé, Diego Diegoooo”, was the soundtrack of the tour that hundreds of fans of the “xeneizes” clubs of the Old Continent made since yesterday by the emblematic corners of Naples to remember the “Pibe de Oro”, the symbol of the Ribera team that made the city of southern Italy its own during the seven years that it wore the blue jersey with the number 10 on the back, between 1984 and 1991.

From the first morning rally in front of “La Bodega de D10S” on Vía Emanuele de Deo 62, in the heart of the Spanish neighborhood, Boca fans who arrived from the club’s European “consulates”, particularly Madrid, took advantage of each of the Thousands of images of tribute to Diego to stop, sing and honor him, mixed between pogo, tears and flares with dozens of “tifosi” from Napoli that accompanied them all day.

In the first stop, despite the incessant rain, there were excited dances and songs in front of the eight photos that adorn the corner, including those of the goal with the hand to England and the one of the indelible celebration after turning Greece into the 1994 World Cup, their last World Cup as a player.

“Today our emotions are mixed, it is a super sad day to remember that we lost nothing more and nothing less than our lifelong idol, but we are also happy to be here representing Boca in this tribute,” said Boca fan Martín Montero to Télam, when inaugurating a plaque that the “xeneizes” placed in the Spanish Quarter, the epicenter of Neapolitan devotion to Diego.

“What is lived here in Naples is tremendous; you talk to any Neapolitan and he cries. It is an unbeatable feeling. Here we understand that people talk about Diego and cry. There is a line of brotherhood between La Boca and Napoles, between Boca fans and Napoli fans, ”added Montero.

“Whoever leaves does not die”, said one of the flags that led the procession of homage to “Pelusa” that had one of its most exciting points after the Italian noon, when it was discovered in front of the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, former San Paolo , the statue made by the Italian Domenico Sepe, which immortalizes him in bronze.

The work that was discovered in the presence of the Italian son of the star, Diego Junior, has the word “D10S” on the front, and next to it indicates the dates of its passage through the memory of the world soccer people: 1960-infinite.

In front of the statue, a number 10 made with flowers witnessed the act that also mobilized the authorities of the communal government, who gave it to the Maradonian fans and will leave it located in the place until defining a definitive place.

While the passion for Maradona served as a cultural bridge for the fusion in a single human tide of the Argentine and Italian fans, from Rome the ambassador to Italy, Roberto Carlés, contributed to Télam his memory of the “Pibe de Oro”.

“Maradona made a people happy, and that is not something we usually see in the world. Argentina owes him many hugs and many emotional tears, Italy found another son in him, and the Neapolitans occasionally had a brother who represented them and loved them very much, ”said Carlés.

For the ambassador, “that love, that dedication, that story, is as eternal as his name.”

The Neapolitan-Boquense route then took them to gate number 10 of the stadium, where the homage songs returned between flares and Argentine flags, Boca and the Azzurro club.

“I see the faces full of tears. It thrills and breaks the heart, ”said Carlos Colombo, another of the Boca fans who arrived in Naples.

There the balloons were released in tribute to the author of the most beautiful goal in the history of the World Cups, as a prologue for one of the most picturesque and fraternal moments of the long tribute day: a 5 against 5 match to remember Ten .

In the middle of the caravan, the entire city was bending to the tribute. As the renowned pastry chef Maria De Vito, which announced the creation of a characteristic panettone in memory of the former footballer. “PanDiego”, as he baptized it, has ten ingredients – Diego’s magic number – and is decorated with a ball and a left-handed booty, like the one achieved by the only two “Scudetto” that Napoli has in its history.

“This tribute to Diego in Naples is a dream come true for all bosteros from different parts of the world who came to remember Maradona. We made a lot of effort: both money and time ”, told Télam Leo, another Argentine who traveled from the Spanish capital to pay tribute to the idol.

Or like the memory of the current president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentis who compared the “Ten” with a “God of Olympus”, when he saw the photographs that are exhibited in one of the many altars that all year round, and especially today, were dressed up in the Spanish Quarter to remember Maradona.

“In every street there is a graffiti, a photo or a painting with your face. And like us, here they won’t forget you either, “he said later Nicolas Silvestri, from the Madrid consulate, in a poem he read for Maradona: “We came to share this beautiful madness with the Neapolitans,” he read almost through tears in another of the Neapolitan street corners.

By then, hundreds and fans of the two teams were still chanting the “Olé, olé, Diego, Diego” which, for at least one day, was as Neapolitan as the imposing Vesuvius volcano that Maradona contemplated every morning of the seven years that it shone. in the southern Italian team.

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