An arrest warrant is issued against Inés Gómez Mont and her husband for money laundering

MEXICO.- A few hours ago it was revealed that an arrest warrant was issued against Inés Gómez Mont, host of Televisa, and her husband Víctor Manuel Álvarez for the crimes of embezzlement (embezzlement of public funds) and money laundering.

Almost a year ago, it was revealed on the show First hand, that there were rumors that the couple was involved in alleged money laundering and that they were being investigated. However, the investigation did not proceed at the time, although the cause is unknown.

It was until a few hours ago that the news was made public that the authorities issued the arrest warrant against the couple. It should be noted that Víctor Manuel is close friend of Juan Collado, former lawyer of the political elite who was linked to prosecution for fraud and who is currently in preventive detention in the North Prison. Yadhira Carrillo, Collado’s wife, is also a close friend of Inés Gómez.

The authorities are already looking for the couple to comply with the arrest warrant. The Televisa host and mother of seven children has not commented on the matter in any medium, but the reactions of Internet users have not been long in coming.

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