An Argentine teacher was chosen among the 10 best in the world

Ana María Stelman, a primary school teacher from La Plata, Argentina, has just been announced among the 10 finalists for the Fundación Varkey Global Teacher Prize 2021, carried out in collaboration with UNESCO. Now in its seventh edition, the million-dollar prize is the largest of its kind.

Ana María was selected from more than 8,000 applications and nominations from 121 countries around the world.

The Global Teacher Prize was created to recognize the outstanding contribution to the profession of the most outstanding teacher of the year and to underline the importance of the role of teachers in society. By unveiling thousands of stories of everyday heroes transforming the lives of young people, this award aims to highlight the exemplary work of millions of educators around the world.

Agustín Porres, Regional Director for Latin America of the Varkey Foundation, stated: “Ana María’s story inspires us and reminds us that it is possible. But not only that. It also challenges us. She asks us if we are recognizing those great teachers who every day, silently, they do a tremendous job. They are transforming lives. Let’s celebrate the work of all those great teachers. “

Ana María Stelman’s story is linked to the projects, because she believes that they trigger learning from the students’ own reality in an integral way. In each of them, its strategy is to summon specialists, advanced students from different careers or those who can contribute new and better experiences to generate new questions, promoting the development of critical thinking capable of questioning and seeking alternatives to their needs and interests.

Ana María uses digital tools adapted to children with disabilities, and directs workshops and courses on environmental education and astronomy; He has taken his students to participate in geography and science fairs, in addition to giving training workshops for other teachers, sharing their experiences in conferences and congresses, and developing educational programs for the community.

The other 10 finalists for the 2021 Global Teacher Prize are Breanna Heels from Canada, Bryant Acar from the Philippines, David Swanston from the United Kingdom, Diana Lorena Rubio from Mexico, Evans Odei from Ghana, Juline Rault from France, Keishia Thorpe from the United States, Rebecca West from Australia and Soraya Motaharnia from Iran.

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