An Argentine teacher among the 10 best teachers in the world

Ana María Stelman, a primary school teacher from La Plata, has just been chosen among the 10 finalists for the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2021, in collaboration with UNESCO, an award that receives more than 8,000 applications from 121 countries around the world .

“I already saw myself as a winner being between 50 so imagine that now my smile does not enter my face,” the woman who has been a teacher since 1984 told Télam and went through different teaching spaces such as schools, developing education programs or various projects related to the search for empathy and creative strategies to motivate each boy.

Ana María learned yesterday the news that made her relatives, colleagues and students proud and placed her among the ten finalists for the Global Teacher Prize, which each year chooses the “best teacher in the world.”

“I feel that I am representing everyone, the work that all the teachers in the country do is very important and I feel that I am representing them too, although I do not know them,” said the teacher who gives classes in Primary No. 7 of the Hipódromo de La Plata neighborhood to girls and boys from a very vulnerable area.

Meanwhile, he said: “I am without sleep after returning, very excited, my family, my children are very excited.”

“It is something very nice to be recognized,” he emphasized and said that to fill out the registration form he had to sit down to remember and think about all the strategies he carried out throughout his career.

Regarding his work, he stated: “My strategy is through the empathy of knowing the boys, of knowing what their tastes are because not all strategies work for all children,” said the finalist teacher.

The Global Teacher Prize, an award created to recognize “the outstanding contribution to the profession of the most outstanding teacher of the year and to underline the importance of their role in society”, distributes one million dollars as a prize.

The winner of the seventh edition will be announced on November 10 through a virtual ceremony that will take place at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

The story of Stelman, a mother of three, is linked to her projects and also how she worked during the pandemic. In his grade, only one student had a computer. So, he had no choice but to juggle his cell phone and WhatsApp to get them to go ahead with the study.

Throughout her career, this teacher sought that the educational projects she faced transcended the boundaries of the classroom. And so, in the face of each challenge, I seek to summon specialists, advanced students from different careers or those who can contribute new and better experiences to generate new questions, promoting the development of critical thinking capable of questioning and seeking alternatives to their needs and interests.

In addition, he uses digital tools adapted to children with different abilities, and leads workshops and courses on environmental education and astronomy. She also loves taking her students to participate in geography and science fairs, and developing educational programs for the community. (Télam)

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