An actor gives his true opinion on Joss Whedon’s version

The interpreter of Alfred Pennyworth confided in his feelings towards the version of Joss Whedon of Justice League.

Initially a theater actor who later made a place for himself in the cinema, Jeremy Irons is an exciting actor who has worked with many great filmmakers (Skolimowski, Cronenberg, Schroeder, Soderbergh, Lynch …). In addition, he played in 2016 in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Zack Snyder where he played for the first time the role of Batman’s Butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

The film being supposed to specify the creation of an extended DC universe, therefore involving several sequels, the British actor did it again in the feature film following the superheroic confrontation of 2016: Justice League. Project initially carried out by Snyder but finally taken over by Joss Whedon, the aura that surrounds the film is not necessarily the most sparkling.

Jeremy Irons ahead of the 2017 Justice League

Indeed, between the film crew which was in conflict with Whedon, Snyder who saw his saga project fall apart and the spectators who found themselves with a film more than disappointing: not many people have a very good memory of Justice League of 2017. And this also seems to be the case of Jeremy Irons who, during an interview for Variety, gave his opinion on the finished film:

“Strangely, I think I have a copy of the [Zack Snyder’s Justice League] and that I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll have to look for it and see if I don’t have it online or on DVD. I remember telling Zack about it [Snyder] before he produced the reassembly and to have been very intrigued by what he was going to do. It couldn’t be worse. “

The journalist therefore outbid by asking if he was talking about Justice League, to which the actor retorted that he “didn’t think this movie could get any worse”. What the journalist of Variety replied that he found the film appalling and Jeremy Irons nodded: “I also find”.

Zack Snyder's Justice League : photo, Ezra Miller

The electric atmosphere on the set of Justice League

The actor therefore seems not have appreciated the version of Joss Whedon much more than many fans – and people with functional eyes. Indeed, how can we not agree with this incoherent and empty industrial accident that was the Justice League of 2017. In addition, we can blame many things on the Zack Snyder’s Justice League, nevertheless we cannot take away from this bastard and suicidal object that it offers a little more consistency to the universe that Zack Snyder tried to build.

Far from the doldrums of DC, the excellent Jeremy Irons continued his career in 2021, even if it was for the laborious last film of Ridley Scott, House of Gucci. He will reappear very soon on Netflix in a role in The Munich vice de Christian Schwochow, which will be released on January 21 on the platform, hoping it is much better.

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