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Amy Gutiérrez joins the list of figures who have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days. The salsa singer issued a public statement on social networks, in which she confirms that she was infected with coronavirus and will comply with social isolation, which is why she has decided to suspend her presentations.

“We inform you that our artist Amy Gutiérrez has tested positive for a recent COVID-19 test, which is why she will comply with the isolation and the respective medical indications until her recovery,” reads the text that appears on her official Twitter account. Instagram.

They show their support

His fans, colleagues and several friends on television expressed their support for him in this delicate moment that he is going through.


“Force, mommy. Get well soon,” Daniela Darcourt, the interpreter of “Mr. Lie,” told him. “Get well soon, cute,” wrote the Chola Chabuca.

“Relax, you will surely recover soon,” said presenter Adolfo Aguilar. For his part, salsa singer Álvaro Rod pointed out: “Rest and recover, in a few days you will be better than ever.”

Amy Gutiérrez has coronavirus. Photo: Capture Facebook

Amy Gutiérrez returns to acting

Amy Gutiérrez revealed in an interview for América Espectaculos that she returns to acting in 2022. She said that she is already in the cast that will be part of the new season of Princesas, which will now be called Brujas.

Amy Gutierrez. Photo: GV Producciones

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