AMLO’s morning in synthesis (live)

  • Good news, the opening of the northern border was achieved. We will now have normality on our northern border, starting on November 1: AMLO.
  • We will have normality on our northern border as of November 1: AMLO
  • The reopening of the border has to do with the procedures and steps that the government of Mexico has made with the US for the reopening, but also the decision to vaccinate in the border municipalities: AMLO
  • The reopening of the border with the US was one of the topics discussed during the visit of Vice President Kamala Harris: Marcelo Ebrard
  • Secretary Mayorkas informed me that in the first days of November travel will be allowed for people who are already vaccinated: Ebrard.
  • AMLO points out that the electricity reform proposal does not contravene the T-MEC; He stressed that it will allow more investments to arrive in Mexico, in addition to maintaining the commitment not to increase the cost of electricity

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