AMLO will travel to New York and speak about corruption at the UN

MEXICO CITY.- The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he will attend the meeting of the United Nations (UN) to talk of corruption.

I am going to go to United Nations on November 9 because Mexico will assume the presidency of the UN Security Council and I am going to participate in a meeting and I am going to talk about what I consider the main problem in the world: the corruption that produces inequality ”, he said.

Lopez Obrador clarified that he will not meet with the president of USA Joe Biden in this journey.

AMLO invita Biden a México

I will United Nations, we are inviting the president Biden come to MexicoWe thank you very much for your support, ”he said.

The president qualified as “very good” last Friday’s meeting with U.S. officials on the issue of security.

“It was a very good meeting and a lot of progress was made,” he said.

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