AMLO signs an agreement with Teletón México and opens a rehabilitation center in Nayarit

NAYARIT, Mexico.-The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador inaugurated this sunday the Center for Rehabilitation and Special Education (CREE) in Tepic, Nayarit, where girls and boys with disabilities from said entity will be cared for.

The event, which was held on his last day of his work tour this weekend, AMLO highlighted the importance of the opening of this type of centers.

“If they don’t have that treatment, that care because there are no rehabilitation centers, they don’t have financial resources, because that slight disability becomes a serious disability for life. Therefore, this is a fundamental complement to the program to support girls and boys with disabilities ”, he reiterated.

20 thousand girls and boys will be rehabilitated for free: AMLO

President inaugurates rehabilitation center in Nayarit. Photography: Government of Mexico

Likewise, López Obrador pointed out that his government benefits with pensions to a million minors with disabilities throughout the country and recalled that, from the agreement signed with the Telethon, 20 thousand girls and boys will be rehabilitated free of charge.

We now help a million children with disabilities with a pension and it is good because families have enough to buy the essentials. Since the program began, we had the concern that this financial support was not enough, that we had to take care of rehabilitation, ”he said.

CREE Rehabilitation Center inaugurated in Nayarit

Photography: Government of Mexico

The president stressed that the CREE in Nayarit is the first in the state and recognized the work of Governor Antonio Echevarría García and the president of the Systems for the Integral Development of Families and State Volunteers, María Luisa Aguirre, For the construction and start-up of this project.

The event was also attended by the governor-elect of Nayarit, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero; the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, the director of the Center for Rehabilitation and Special Education, Oswaldo Valdez Amézuquita and the municipal president of Tepic, Francisco Javier Castellón Fonseca.

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