AMLO reveals how he recovers from Covid: "the caresses are not over", dice

MEXICO CITY.- Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, reappeared on social networks with a video in which he reveals how you recover from Covid-19, four days after having tested positive for coronavirus.

Still isolated in the National Palace, he held a meeting with the secretaries Adán Augusto López Hernández, of the Interior (Segob) and Rogelio Ramírez de la O.

AMLO reveals how he recovers from Covid in the National Palace

AMLO affirmed that “he is coming out of the Covid” and also defended the use of VapoRub, as well as home remedies and family caresses to treat the symptoms of omicron, the new variant of Covid.

He explained that he has not followed any special treatment, since he has not suffered from fever, or headaches, or lack of oxygenation “all normal”, and indicated that he only continues to have hoarseness, burning in the throat “which is already decreasing.”

“Because in addition, these antivirals, even though they are already authorized and have been recommended, should be applied more to those with chronic diseases and the elderly, basically, but I with paracetamol and although my opponents laugh, they question Dr. Alcocer (head of Health ) because he said that with VapoRub, well yes, when I was a child I remember that we got sick with the flu, my mother used to put VapoRub on our chests and on the soles of our feet and that’s how we would lie down, and on our feet she put some socks, and those remedies, honey for the throat with a little lemon and with that one comes out ahead, in addition there are no other caresses, there are never too many caresses between couples, caresses to the children ”.

AMLO compares omicron to the flu

The president affirmed that the omicron “is equivalent to a flu”, as he indicated that it does not have the same lethality or dangerousness as delta, and he was able to verify it “in his own flesh.”

“I am very pleased to communicate with you to share my satisfaction because I am coming out of the Covid. Share this information with you because it is quite encouraging to be able to verify, now that it is firsthand that this variant of Covid does not have the lethality, the dangerousness of the previous variant, the so-called Delta.

“The variant produces very mild symptoms, it is the equivalent of a flu, I did not have special treatment because I have never had a fever or headaches, or lack of oxygenation, all normal, only the hoarseness that by the way is disappearing and a burning in the throat that is also decreasing, it is less and less.

In his office in the National Palace, President López Obrador called on the population to maintain healthy distance measures “so that they are not contagious” and gave as an example that he was meeting with the heads of Segob and Hacienda talking about the sale of Banamex .

“Then just be careful, they are not going to infect, but there is no seriousness, so much so that I am working, I am here in the office, keeping the due distance, look at the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of the Treasury and we are talking about the sale of Banamex ”.

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