AMLO reiterates to finish vaccination of adults this is and thus protect them for the winter

MEXICO CITY.- The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador trusted that the entire population over 18 is protected against Covid-19 for the arrival of the winter season.

The president was questioned during his morning press conference about the possibility that with the winter the cases of coronavirus in the country.

We said months ago, you will find that we always talk about what we were going to have vaccinated to persons over 18 years of age before season from cold, winter, to have all the people protected, “he replied.

Adult vaccination will end this month

The president stated that this month the vaccination is finished to the entire population 18 years and older with at least one dose.

López Obrador reported that there is already an operation of the Ministry of Defense (Sedena) to vaccinate more than 800 thousand people in Guanajuato.

“It is starting today, the plan begins, the municipalities that lack of Guanajuato and they will do both the Secretary of the Marine as of the Defending and we are finished, because in the other states a program for that purpose is also being carried out, “he said.

AMLO asks WHO to authorize vaccines against Covid that have demonstrated efficacy

The President reiterated the call to the World Health Organization (WHO) to authorize all vaccines against Covid-19 that have proven their effectiveness.

“It is not possible that because there is a
vaccine that occurs in a country where there is a political regime, it is not authorized. They are organisms that
should not
to get in the least to matters
politiciansHopefully as soon as possible he will finish doing his tests and that these vaccines are approved so that we can travel everywhere, ”he said.

Cansino and the russian
Sputnik V have not been authorized by the
WHO and
Mexico massively applied both brands to the population.

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