AMLO: “Cronyism is a scourge”, they will investigate a 22 million pesos contract to a friend of a former civil servant for the Day of the Dead Parade

MEXICO CITY.- The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he agrees in which the Comptroller of Mexico City investigate the award of a 22 million contract 625 thousand 887 pesos that granted without tender the Office of the Mixed Fund for Tourism Promotion (FMPT), then headed by Paola Félix, to the company of his friend Alejandro Gou to organize the Day of the Dead parade.

“Ah, I agree with that.”, he answered during his morning lecture by being questioned about a publication of the Reforma newspaper where he revealed that Paola Felix, who recently served as Secretary of Tourism for Mexico City, and Alejandro Gou they traveled together to the wedding of Santiago Nieto in Guatemala on the aircraft that I had 30 thousand dollars, a situation that earned the official her resignation.

AMLO rejects “cronyism” and approves investigation of the case

López Obrador assured that these practices do not occur in his government and rated the “Cronyism” like a “Scourge of politics”.

“In the federal government there are not this type of contracts with friends, President?”, The president was questioned.

“No, and they are not allowed, there is no impunity. If there is a case, immediately report it. Zero corruption, zero impunity, no nepotism, no cronyism, no influentialism, none of those scourges of politics and, of course, I repeat, zero corruption, zero impunity, ”he said.

Contract would have been signed by Paola Félix

According to Reforma contract CT-060/2021 was signed on August 27 by Paola Félix and for his friend Alejandro Gou as managing partner of the company Alejandro Gou Producciones SC.

The direct award was justified because the “The company offered the best technical, economic and material conditions to carry out the parade”.

Yesterday the General Controller of Mexico City announced that I would investigate the case.

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