AMLO, ¿chipilón?

“Who is dedicated to politics, pursues an idea of ​​his own immortality”
Kenneth Minogue

Recently, López Obrador has been somewhat melancholic. During his speech for the
delivery of the Third Government Report, the president affirmed, with a hint of nostalgia and
seriously, that “what has been achieved (by his government) is so important that it could even now
the Presidency itself without feeling bad about my conscience ”. It was an unnecessary comment
That made him look tired, since he has three years left in the National Palace. Days later, he returned
to refer to the future and his post-presidency wishes, in a gloomy tone: “I have written on my
testament that I don’t want my name to be used for a street, for a statue, at all ”.

It seems that López Obrador has been thinking a lot about the future and his legacy, or at least
more than usual. You surely know that your political and deadly time (like everyone’s)
is reduced and that the country’s problems remain enormous. However, the state of
General mood of the president could be problematic in terms of national management.

On the one hand, López Obrador could take a cynical, disinterested and even
bleak. To become an essentially nostalgic and even disenchanted president, who
the only thing that hopes is to finish his administration. This would minimize the worker’s damage to
Mexico, since it would deliver its expensive and unnecessary works, without much greater impetus to
“transform”. With its initiative on the ground, Mexico would win (or stop losing).

On the other hand, if the president renews his emotion to govern and “transform”, the damage to the country
it would be great. Since he has little time left (in national terms) in the eagle’s chair, a
López Obrador, with renewed spirit and hopes, would be led to demagoguery and
short-termism, to satisfy a false sense of “giving results.”

In such a scenario, billions of pesos would probably be wasted on policies
with the sole objective of making López Obrador feel loved, regardless of transparency,
law or efficiency. This is precisely what I mean by demagoguery and short-termism.

In human terms, I hope the president is not too melancholic and nostalgic.

One gets easily depressed by thinking a lot about the past or the future. In my case, just
I hope that López Obrador ends his disastrous six-year term when the law marks it, with courage
moderate. That is to say, that they do not lead him to rule from mental exhaustion, but neither from the anxiety of wanting to do everything possible to be loved and remembered. Let it end, let it go, and have a long and happy life in peace. It has already done too much damage.


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