AMLO accuses that OHL and Repsol looted and made Mexico their “land of conquest”

MEXICO CITY.-Spanish companies made Mexico their land of conquest, assured the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The president attacked companies such as OHL and Repsol, which were assured by previous governments “were given the contract” to operate gas pipelines and extract gas from the Cuenca from Burgos.

Spanish companies that came to make their August and came to Mexico as a land of conquest, OHL and Repsol, they were given a contract for a gas pipeline and extract gas in the basin of Burgos”He said during his morning press conference.

Private companies took money from the Government and did not take gas

Lopez Obrador He affirmed that the companies “took a lot of money and did not take out gas.”

“They signed contracts with Repsol to buy gas from Peru, because those companies had so much influence that they made an agreement in Peru, $ 25 billion contract to bring Manzanillo”He recalled.

The President affirmed that “only they, those of Repsol”They already had a contract in Mexico and so the market in Mexico.

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