AMD to Its Investors: We’ve Achieved Success in CPUs and GPUs

Presentation details the entire trajectory of the company and points out future directions

AMD prepares for the end of this month, a presentation that does not yet know who the target audience is, generally, the presentation for investors is held between the first and second semester at the Financial Analyst Day event. A supposed presentation related to the November event 2021 leaked. The presentation offers a guided tour of the company’s entire product portfolio, spanning server processors, compute accelerators, graphics cards, retail processors and custom products.

The presentation describes that the company has so far successfully executed its roadmaps for the segments of processors for home users and for servers, graphics cards and computational accelerators. In the CPU segment for casual users, it shows successful execution up to 2021 with “Zen 3” microarchitecture. In the server space, the company cites successful running of its EPYC processors up to the “Zen 3” generation with its “Milan” processors, and confirms that its next-generation “Zen 4″ microarchitecture and its sister architecture, the ” Zen 4c, “will be built on the 5 nm node (probably TSMC N5). The presentation also details the newly announced “Milan-X” processor for existing SP3 platforms, which debuts 3D Vertical Cache technology, bringing up to 96MB of L3 cache per CCD.

There were no disclosures made about processors to common users, either for desktops or notebooks. As for servers, however, AMD is referring to “Genoa”, its next-generation EPYC processor, which features up to 96 cores, with DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5, as well as the “Bergamo” EPYC processors for the computing market in cloud, which announces the expressive counts of up to 128 cores. Both chips are based on “Zen 4”. AMD also references its recently announced MI250 compute accelerators based on the CDNA2 architecture, which use compute arrays built into the 6nm node, an enhancement to the TSMC N7.

The company also detailed how the acquisition of Xilinx, the key people involved in the transaction of both organizations and what the combination of AMD and Xilinx would look like. The transaction would end before December 31, with current Xilinx CEO Victor Peng taking over as head of Xilinx’s division under CEO Lisa Su. Devinder Kumar will remain CFO. At least two Xilinx directors would join AMD’s Board.

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The full presentation follows. Click on images to enlarge.

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AMD releases FidelityFX Super Resolution plugin for Unreal Engine 4
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