AMD FSR promises up to 47% better performance in Far Cry 6

Company released video about technologies employed in new Ubisoft game

A AMD released in no channel of YouTube some technologies applied in Far Cry 6. Among them is the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (AMD FSR) and the optimization of the game for the Ryzen processors e Radeon line video cards.

The company did not specify what configuration was used to record the use of the AMD FSR in Far Cry 6 nor which mode was enabled. It is possible to see in the comparisons the difference of 61 frames per second in the image without the upscaling and a peak of 88 and 90 fps when the technology of the AMD is turned on. If we take into account the difference between the highest and lowest value, we have a 47% performance gain. Already taking into account the average value of 62 fps and 88, the gain is 41%. See the video of AMD to follow.

As explained no video, Far Cry 6 has been optimized for the hardwares gives AMD: Ryzen processors and Radeon GPUs. It’s even good (for those who have these products from AMD) know this information. The game has very high recommended requirements for anyone who wants to play Quad HD or 4K with Ray Tracing enabled. You can see all requirements at this link.

Recommended Requirements

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1440p, 60 FPS, Ray Tracing ativado

Processador: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X – 3.7 GHZ ou Intel i5-10600 – 4.1 GHZ
Video card: AMD RX 6900XT – 16 GB or NVIDIA RTX 3070 – 8 GB
RAM: 16 GB (Modo Dual-channel)
Storage: 60GB HDD (SSD Recommended)

4K, 30 FPS, Ray Tracing ativado:

Processador: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X – 3.7 GHZ ou Intel i7-10700k – 3.8 GHZ
Video card: AMD RX 6800 – 16 GB or NVIDIA RTX 3080 – 10 GB
RAM: 16 GB (Modo Dual-channel)
Storage: 60GB HDD (SSD Recommended)

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The game will be released on October 7th to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series S|X.

Here in the Adrenaline a video about the first impressions of Far Cry 6. Check out:


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