AMD and NVIDIA GPUs are 83% above manufacturers’ recommended price.

Availability has even increased, but prices keep rising, according to a survey by 3D Center

With the situation of lack of raw material for the manufacture of chips without any improvement, apart from the cryptocurrency mining, you video card prices never eased. As we’ve shown here a few times, the German 3D Center, in a new survey, points to a 83% and 72% increase for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs respectively.

These values ​​are in relation to the manufacturer’s recommended price (MSRP) and refer to the period between September 19th and October 10th. Compared with the last survey (08/29 to 09/19), the RDNA 2 GPUs are 9% more expensive, while Ampere graphics cards have increased by 2%.

After the big drop that started to happen in May, the AMD saw your prices rise again from the first week of July. In the case of NVIDIA, a fall in prices took place until the end of the first week of August, rising again since then.

Although prices are rising non-stop, even if slower compared to the first half of this year, the availability of video cards has improved in the german market and in the region. As of the end of May, the availability of GPUs and the drop in prices peaked since 3D Center’s monitoring started in January.

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Although the values ​​mainly reflect Germany and Austria, it gives us an idea of ​​what is happening out there. The European, Asian and North American markets are much more heated and fair (even with the increase) than ours. Around here, according to the GPU Observatory, an RTX 3080 had its price fluctuating between R$ 9,000 and just over R$ 12,000 during September.

Apart from prices without any notion in our country, the profile on Twitter points to 13 video cards currently out of stock. Some of the last generation have been gone for almost a year (RTX 2070), others for over 200 days (RX 580 and RTX 2080 Ti). The situation goes from bad to worse, not to mention that the estimates for the regularization of the situation are always pushed forward.


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