Ambulante responds to signals from its public funds

After the portal RegeneraciónMx shared an article stating that the Ambulante association, focused on the development and promotion of the documentary, has received more than 160 million pesos during the six-year terms of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto, the platform founded by actors Diego Luna and Gael García in 2005, released a statement stating that both creators “They have not received a single peso, or salaries, or compensation, as wrongly and without evidence has been disseminated in some media”.

According to the portal that initially spread the news and as the information has been replicated, it was announced that during the presidency of Felipe Calderón 35 million 336 thousand 534 pesos were allocated to Ambulante, while during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto they were 133 million 737 thousand 742 pesos, and 10 million pesos during the current presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


In its statement, Ambulante begins by recalling that the association has worked for 16 years focusing on the creation, exhibition, diffusion and training of documentary cinema in Mexico, noting that they have reached more than 250 work and exhibition venues, achieving a reach of more than one million 279 thousand 600 viewers / audiences “through the dissemination of film programs that reach communities with little or no film offer and in the frame of mostly free activities; the procurement of scholarships to promote creative work 195 filmmakers – including those from indigenous and Afro-descendant communities -; support for the production of 34 documentaries; as well as the promotion of human rights and economic support in emergency situations”.

In the Regeneration article, it is detailed that Ambulante – under the direction of Paulina Suárez since 2016 – also shares testimonies of former workers of the association who relate the dynamics of the project to attract the supposed public funds from various government agencies.

“It should be noted that, in 2018, the government of Javier Corral gave a sponsorship of one million 500 thousand pesos to support the tour that Ambulante carried out that year. The curious thing, beyond the donations that the federation and the municipal government of Querétaro had already assigned to this organization, is that the contract to receive the resource was signed on August 15 of that year; that is to say: four months after the Ambulante tour had already concluded”, The Regeneración portal refers in its text.

In the second of the 10 points that Ambulante points out in its position, it declares that the economic resources that reach Ambulante AC “are obtained with full compliance with the requirements established in the calls issued by government or private institutions, which are widely known public (…) These supports are the product of a fundraising effort that has been successful thanks to the public trust in Ambulante, the wide and well-known impact of our initiatives, and the full and transparent management of the funds.. This trust has been ratified by the current Federal Government, with the delivery of resources in the last two years for these purposes ”.

Diego Luna –who in recent days premiered the series “Everything is going to be fine” on Netflix ”has not made a specific statement about said statements and their replies, however, Through his social networks he shared the positioning of Ambulante by means of a tweet in which he explains the mission of the project. For his part, Gael García has replicated messages of support for Ambulante’s work.

Within your statement, Ambulante reiterates the integrity with which the public resources that come to the association are used, and which are regulated by annual and independent audits through the specialized firm Deloitte and other institutions such as the Ministry of Culture of the Federal Government, the Ministry of Finance and the IMCINE, to guarantee adherence to legality.

“Our operation as authorized donee is also regulated by title III of the LISR, the General Law of Transparency and Access to Information and the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin, which leads to a strict control of resources and, if not, penalties ”.

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